Kivi God is a person who possesses the power to control time and space. Temperament is quite discorded with others, easy to get angry, doesn't like difficult people, difficult but extremely caring for others. Ki stands for "kill", Vi stands for "vision". Taking the form of an ordinary human, Kivi lives a lazy, irresponsible life with everything around.
Likes to kill in many ways. The favorite type of killing is watching them scream in pain.
Kivi: Hello.
IG: Shut up, ur mom.
Kivi: I'll kill you. I will tear your bones, watching you scream in pain.
IG: ok...
by I will be watching you June 9, 2021
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A person who loves trinkets and anything silly. They espically love SpongeBob trinkets and giving such trinkets to friends and family. They are silly, fun, loving, beautiful, kind, and smart.
Person 1: *wants a trinket*
Person 2: Here! I got you a trinket
Person 1: OMG thank you so much, you are just like a kivi
by Carkeyyyy November 16, 2022
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Are you really Kivi? No Im not an alcoholic
by Lallaska February 2, 2019
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Kivy has a great personality and is very cute. She is usually the funniest person in the room. She’s kinda shy at first but once she becomes comfortable with you, she’s a keeper. She’s usually down for anything and is super fun. Sometimes she can be wild but in a cute and funny way. She can practically talk to any person and make them laugh. Kivy has a cute smile which makes her irresistible. Kivy is also very smart and loves to challenge her brain. KIvy is also a huge gamer. More like console gaming. She is a good friend and will go the extra mile to support her friends. She’s a family girl and will stick up for them. Kivy has good taste in music even though she’s usually listening to the same artist 24/7. If you find a girl named Kivy, you should keep her.
Boy 1: “Yo bro, I’m talking to Kivy right now”
Boy 2: “For real dude? She’s like the funniest person ever”

“I think I’m in love with Kivy. I just love everything about her.

“Kivy is my best friend.
by Tesfaye01 July 23, 2018
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A person, usually a female, who is rather clumsey. Fond of making fun of other's wardrobe choices.

Can be used as a nickname for someone named Katie or Katherine.
Kivie: Leggings are not pants.
*kivie falls out of a hole*
Leggings Wearer: She just fell out of hole?! Really? Such a kivie...

Kivie, we need to talk.
by Maggladon December 29, 2010
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So first, Kivi doesn't like Jericho at all. Same as Jericho. Sadly, Jericho loves Gohan already. So this isn't fun. Please don't do it anymore.
Kivi: Hello Jericho!
Jericho: Hi.
Kivi: No.
Gohan: Ur mom.
Jericho: I love Gohan.
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