swag, fresh, bling. slang used to describe a piece of clothing or jewelry which is noticeable cool and expensive-looking. "Icy" comes from fresh, cold, or "ice age", "iced out", which refers to the action of wearing diamond wrist bands and necklaces which are transparent and have visual similarity with regular ice in a metaphoric way.
Guy 1: Hey, yo man, did you check out Bubba's adi jacket!. Mane that ho was icy!!

Guy 2: Hell yeah mane, boy was swaggin it out.
by Brizzy Izzy July 21, 2011
An Icy is a chill yet cold-natured girl who often has a either Australian or American accent. She’s a stereotypical drama kid who enjoys musicals and has a secret admiration for K-Pop. Icys are unforgiving and will have homocidal tendencies if they catch their partner cheating on them and are highly against polygamous relationships. They like to take the title of “boss” or “tyrant” to appear dominant in relationships but secretly fall into their submissive pet-playing state while isolated with their partner.
Person: look at her calling herself “Tyrant #2”. I bet she’s an Icy.
by EdwardColinFanNOJACOB June 16, 2021
Slang Word for an erection penis.
"Dude, that guy has an Icy!"
by PablosSmaithe March 29, 2010
A word gangsters use to describe a boner
yo nigga that guy has a icy stickin outta dem trues
by Jamal Pedro Pablo May 2, 2010
"I see" & "Cool" combined
John: Have you hooked up with any girls recently?

Jane: No. Not since Portland.

John: Icy
by Hakai September 13, 2012
to be or act lesbian/gay
ex 1: "Those girls look mad icy right now"
ex 2: "That boy is definately icy"
by syd&gaburto January 21, 2011
The point of being so buddy that you become unable to stop being buddy and then become icy. The antonym of being cold.
"Man, that party was so buddy."
"Nah, it was just straight up icy"
by vtib September 17, 2011