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A feeling of sadness in the morning after doing something really embarrassing or bad, usually because of the overconsumption of alcohol the night before
I blacked out so hard last night and now I’m so sad puppy
by sadsadpuppy February 27, 2019
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A male pushover-type who consistently bows down to females. When the Sad Puppy finally gets involved in a relationship, he usually gets dumped in weeks or months, not years. Rarely the initiator of a breakup.
My Ex-boyfriend really loved me but he was such a sad puppy I couldn't stand him after a while. Now I'm with a real asshole and things couldn't be better.
by Dezrespect April 29, 2007
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When your stomach overlaps your pants, but it’s still cute
I ate way too much food, my sad puppy is showing through
by Smart-ass14 May 13, 2018
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