sw@g is a term for when you think something is so cool you say that sw@g. Swag is cool clothing but sw@g is something cool.
john: Hey did you see that sw@g tv show?

billy: thats my purs- yeah i did
by phonebadbookgood February 03, 2021
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Greetings my lads this term is used to greet people
In mexican-african lithuanian groups
Sw moliugas is used to SAY hello
Labas moliuge


by Matasmoliugas March 11, 2018
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sex while stupid. use protection idiots
patient: i think i have an std
doctor: you don't have an std but you have had sws.
by 50 shades of shit. July 31, 2019
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a group of high school kids that think the classes from sws(school within a school) they take are hard. usually have a lot of parties in school, celebrate every holiday fucking possible and have extra free periods, which is why they are capping. they say that it is hard, and that they have 6 papers every week, when in reality they get them assigned weeks before, and just don’t do them. whatever you do, DO NOT tell them that it is not hard, or they will go completely ape shit on you, and you may get anally penetrated.
kid: “look at sws gang over there, they are having another fucking party.”
sws gang: “it’s not a fucking party, sws is so hard stop saying it isn’t.”
by yeetskeetmeatbeat October 31, 2019
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