Sunshine; springtime

Haru was ranked 18th most popular name of 2006 in Japan, written with the character for "sunshine". It is the first or last element of a number of names, such as Haruko, Haruka, Haruna, Hiroaki, Hideaki. It is also the Japanese vocabulary word for springtime. The character for "spring" is a possible way to write the name, among others.
The flowers remind me of Haru
by Sally's Ex February 4, 2010
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The best friend that could ever exist. If you know someone called Haru and has the best personality and is absolutely perfect, listen to me — keep them, no matter what. You can trust a Haru, you can love them unconditionally because that is all what they deserve. Someone truly worthy of love and happiness.

A Haru is always joking around. Really has a fantastic humour and is such an interesting person.

A Haru's interests automatically become yours because they talk about it so passionately that you'll love what they like unintentionally.
(p.s i love you with my whole soul, haru)
Person 1: "Have you heard of Haru?"
Person 2: "Oh yeah, of course. That super funny person who is always there no matter what. Once, I heard that a Haru is the best company."
Person 1: "Really?"
Person 2: "For sure, I know a Haru pretty well by myself and I could never ask for someone "better" than them, because I see them as the best."
by banneanane July 20, 2021
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The name for anything unexplained in the universe... Almost like a ninja, almost.
"What was that!" Said Mr. Anon
"Must have been haru" Replied Miss. Ymous
by Niwa_Nodoka November 8, 2008
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World's hottest asian man alive. Just the sight of a Haru would wet every lady's pants. Also a great guy, cares for others and will always be there whenever needed. Go get yourself a Haru, either as a friend or a lover.
"That guy right there is cute..."
"Oh that must be Haru then"
by jotarojoestar January 28, 2019
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Haru is a wonderful, caring, fun, and perfect man! He's always there for you and trust his very best to make you feel better. He is so compatinate and smart and always fixes everything wrong with your day. He also have enough differences and similarities to keep you interested. I you don't have one get yourself a Haru.
Human 1: I've been throug so much heartbreak

Human2: you need to get yourself a Haru

Human 1: OMFG your right!
by Madeleine Cookie September 22, 2021
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Haru is the most handsome guy that i know. He will do everything just to make you happy, and he'll love you more than he loved himself. He is so tall and you can't even reach him when his standing. He loves everything about anime and some dark edgy stuffs. He is such a romantic person he loves being clingy and acting like a baby baby. Well i think he is the most super duper guy you'll ever know.
Haru the handsome guy.
by @Akira_Mwa June 11, 2021
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