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Sunshine; springtime

Haru was ranked 18th most popular name of 2006 in Japan, written with the character for "sunshine". It is the first or last element of a number of names, such as Haruko, Haruka, Haruna, Hiroaki, Hideaki. It is also the Japanese vocabulary word for springtime. The character for "spring" is a possible way to write the name, among others.
The flowers remind me of Haru
by Sally's Ex February 04, 2010
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a haru is a beautiful girl. if you have a haru as a friend NEVER let her go. she is kind, smart, gorgeous, sympathetic, funny, crazy and loving. she is beautiful however she doesn’t realise that she is. she is always there for you and ou can trust her 100%. she usually has an opinion about something however doesn’t say it. she can have really deep conversations and will listen and try help even if she doesn’t know how. she will ALWAYS be there for you and is fun to be around. a haru is usually gullible but funny xx
there’s a haru, she’s amazing
by sometimes i eat cherries December 04, 2017
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The name for anything unexplained in the universe... Almost like a ninja, almost.
"What was that!" Said Mr. Anon
"Must have been haru" Replied Miss. Ymous
by Niwa_Nodoka November 07, 2008
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World's hottest asian man alive. Just the sight of a Haru would wet every lady's pants. Also a great guy, cares for others and will always be there whenever needed. Go get yourself a Haru, either as a friend or a lover.
"That guy right there is cute..."
"Oh that must be Haru then"
by jotarojoestar January 28, 2019
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A dick who doesn't care about people's feelings and will steal your crush. They won't care if someone is crying they will say "I'm sorry Hun"
Don't pull a Haru
by Soggy-cardboard10121 June 05, 2016
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