Constantly striking out with woman.
Bill: Man I cant get laid , I keep striking out at the bar
Bob: maybe next time bro
by A typical guy in this universe November 3, 2013
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If you wanna know,I always strike out at everything,at class,at basketball,at football,I never excel.
by BlackPohatu December 6, 2016
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taking a hit from a bong,bubbler,roar,joint, or blunt than chugging a beer than drinking a shot all without letting the smoke out of your mouth
i got so fucked up from that "strike out" last nite.
by 2hottie August 27, 2006
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Taking a hit from a joint, bowl, bong, bubbler, any device packed with weed then drink a beer then a shot without releasing the smoke from your lungs/mouth.
When i strike-out i get so fucked up i almost shit myself
by tookis April 6, 2010
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To strike out on a bitch means to leave her ass like a sitting duck because you ain't trying to love her.
This bitch told me she loves me so I had to strike out on a bitch!
by BrokePimp December 11, 2017
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A classic interview technique consisting of asking 3 questions to decide on 1 out of 2 final applicants for a position.
"Welcome applicants! Today, the DDFU will be using he classic Three-Strikes-You're-Out Method to select our new Vice President."
by DDFU Executive VP June 11, 2017
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