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Acronym meaning Shit, Shave & Shower. Order of words vary depending on the preferences of the user.

For example, you may Shit, Shave & Shower, but your friend might Shit, Shower & Shave.
I have to go SSS before we go clubbing.
by DTraj May 16, 2007

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Despite the fact that they're not a mining company, they're always hitting gold.
Dude. You played WoW? Blizzard really struck gold with that.
by DTraj December 16, 2007

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Like a Grammar Nazi, except incompetent.
Internet User: i want you read your script and give some feed back, free of charge

Grammar Italian Fascist: Maybe your should learn to write before you offer to give a critique.
by dTraj October 17, 2010

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Without a hat.
Suspect is hatless. Repeat, hatless.
by dtraj April 08, 2012

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An affliction popularized by horror movies that limits a character's vision to the contents of the frame only, a fraction of the 160 degree field of vision an ordinary person would experience.

In addition, the character may take long pauses before changing the direction of their stare as a way to build suspense (see: cop-out).
The opposite of Horror Vision is the 360 Degree Continuous Head Swivel. Because of its high utility and adherence to common sense, you don't see it in many horror flicks.
by DTraj June 14, 2010

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A flavoursome way of calling someone a dick. Is derived from 'dick tag'.
DT (Dick Toggs) Kebab Store, soon to open at Narrabundah College.
by DTraj August 05, 2007

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Acronym for gay cunt, commonly used as an insult. Other insults in the 'cunt' family include dumb cunt (DC), sick cunt or shit cunt (SC), mad cunt (MC).
That guy's such a GC.
by DTraj June 13, 2007

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