Student Sexuality Information Service: a student-run, non-profit organization devoted to promoting sexual health on the Brandeis University campus through various services. Services are completely confidential. SSIS maintains a library, holds office hours, sells safer sex products for cheap, acts as a referral service, and does outreach on campus through events. Members of the group are trained peer-counselors volunteering their time.
Students in Shapiro Campus Center.
"Yo, where's your girl goin'?"
"She's goin' upstairs to SSIS"
"Cause I be gettin' some tonight, dawg."
by Sexified February 6, 2007
Screw Some Idiot

If a person haven't had sex for a long time, and he/she's getting more and more annoying (because of this), he/she needs to get laid asap.
"- I can't take this no more, it's been ages I haven't slept with anybody, this is killing me! I'm a nice person, why can't I get someone who would have sex with me? Blah blah blah...
- Girl, you should just ssi..."
by awesomenessHU November 16, 2009
A horrible horrible person. A fake friend. Will do the absolute worst to the people closest to them and not even flinch. Heartless and horrible. Worst kind of person you can meet.
I can’t believe she would do that to you.

Yeah she’s such an SSI👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
by lolokhahahahah February 20, 2019
plural: SSI's. Noun. One who works at posh summer internsip and is sexy. Acronym: Sexy Summer Intern.
SSI: Boss, you should take me to dinner/Alaska/drinks because I'm sexy.
Boss: Ok, I'll get you on the next flight.
by The Original SSI's August 3, 2007
Means a person who fakes thier illness/disabilities so they don't have to work , Henceforth , " Playing the system".
Jamal: Man , u know them niggas sit out there all day long, knowing there is not nothin wrong with they ass.

Ash: them some SSI Duck , getting that check to supply their drankin' habits.
by Blackcat89, Prez.Moore April 30, 2011
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by blazezo_xcn September 29, 2021