A "politically correct" version of the term "safe sex" with the implication that no sex, even with "protection", is absolutely safe from the risk of disease.
The gay community practices what it calls "safer sex" because even gay men who (usually) use condoms still get an awful lot of diseases, but not as often as they did in 70's and early 80's before AIDS and "safe sex".
by Professor Pinhead September 18, 2006
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A term used by sexually impulsive people pretending to be careful. Similar to throwing the seatbelt across your lap, but not actually buckling it. Always followed with the surprised protestation, upon learing that they have spread Gonnorhea to every one they know: "But we were practicing safer sex!"
Safer sex:
"I won't use a condom, but I promise I won't cum in you"
"I got tested three months ago, so we're good."
"You're clean, right? Great, so am I"
by Psychokitty September 29, 2014
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