A Spof is the definition of someone that loves potato mode more than they’re own mother in surviv and that thinks that normal is the worst gamemode. A normal Spof uses the Mac 10 and the mpgae in a normal game.
The Spof: Ah, normal mode is so bad! I have never seen anything worse
Decent surviv player: What a Spof
by Noeb7 January 06, 2020
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Somebody who is a teachers pet and is a bit of an arsehole who thinks that they rule the world. They also do all of their homework on time and extra work because they are β€œso smart”
Hey, look at that spof , I would love to give him a right hook to the jaw.
by GlasgowPricks June 12, 2018
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a Prety Boy who shops at Brown Thomas or Harrods, pastimes include:1)looking in the mirror at regular intervals...if such luxuries are not readily available shiny surfaces or shop windows will do!
2)Gelling hair
3)In extreme cases they have been known to apply make up, this is refered to as SPOFISM.
in america spof would be defined as Ryan Seacrest,in countries such as england it would be defined as orlando bloom
by JEPETO November 09, 2005
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Someone who is a little bitch and always listens to the teacher, does their homework on time always, study's too much and loves school. Also is a snitch
Wow look at Matt over there studying, he's a right spof
by SteeredBeast April 19, 2019
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