Very posh and dated word meaning excellent, especially as used by upper-class toffs and rugger buggers.
I say, she's a lovely filly.
Oh yes, absolutely spiffing old chap.
by onandon August 1, 2005
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For something to be excellent or good. Word is mainly used by upper-class British
I say Grayson, that back-scratched you purchased for me the other day is rather spiffing.
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lovely, desirable, super
retro term - ganking
We're having such a spiffing time
He's a spiffing bloke
by Catherine September 30, 2003
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A very dated word used by the upper-class British, and Americans that can't do impressions for shit.
Can be used for comedic value.

Usually found in sentences containing the terms; "Jolly good" "Old chap/chum" "Tea" "Wot wot" "I say" and "Earl grey"
I say, old chum. Would you like to come to Buckingham palace and share a spiffing pot of the old earl Grey, wot?
by PotHeadJesus February 20, 2010
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1. past part. of spiff (to groom or make attractive) usu. spiffed up; also, well-dressed

2. Intoxicated esp. to a level of severely impaired motor and cognative function, usu. from ingestion of alcohol or alcohol in conjunction with other illicit/illegal drugs
1. "My dentist really spiffed up his waiting room over the summer!" or "My roommate spiffed up for his date tonight."

2. "After four shots and six beers, I was so spiffed I couldn't stand up." or "I was a little drunk when we got to her place, but after we smoked a couple bowls I was totally spiffed!"
by Johann7 November 25, 2006
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The act of wearing a suit and tie or other nice outfit with a tie such as jeans/vest/shirt/tie or khakis/shirt/tie
Matt feels the need to get spiffed for no reason at all, and because of this, he has never been seen wearing anything short of a button down shirt with a tie and a nice pair of khakis. But he usually wore a suit and tie.
by Random user May 3, 2017
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Stands for Sales Performance Incentive Fund. (Or Performance, or Person.) It's what sales people get when they don't get a decent commission or salary. Sometimes involves extra company product, sometimes a bonus prize.
When Dave sold the big stereo this month, they Spiffed him a trip to Hawaii; The only spif that Bob got, was a tshirt and one of the refurbed DVD players.
by eclecticbubba August 20, 2007
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