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Very posh and dated word meaning excellent, especially as used by upper-class toffs and rugger buggers.
I say, she's a lovely filly.
Oh yes, absolutely spiffing old chap.
by onandon August 01, 2005
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lovely, desirable, super
retro term - ganking
We're having such a spiffing time
He's a spiffing bloke
by Catherine September 30, 2003
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A very dated word used by the upper-class British, and Americans that can't do impressions for shit.
Can be used for comedic value.

Usually found in sentences containing the terms; "Jolly good" "Old chap/chum" "Tea" "Wot wot" "I say" and "Earl grey"
I say, old chum. Would you like to come to Buckingham palace and share a spiffing pot of the old earl Grey, wot?
by PotHeadJesus February 19, 2010
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For something to be excellent or good. Word is mainly used by upper-class British
I say Grayson, that back-scratched you purchased for me the other day is rather spiffing.
by Superduperpooperscooper123123 January 08, 2010
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Spiffing, or to spiff is to have sexual intercourse with your partner/person and leave either the person, or area in a mess.
Wow this room is a mess, somebody must have been spiffing!
by brokenvanity August 17, 2010
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