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A very dated word used by the upper-class British, and Americans that can't do impressions for shit.
Can be used for comedic value.

Usually found in sentences containing the terms; "Jolly good" "Old chap/chum" "Tea" "Wot wot" "I say" and "Earl grey"
I say, old chum. Would you like to come to Buckingham palace and share a spiffing pot of the old earl Grey, wot?
by PotHeadJesus February 19, 2010

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Someone who is short, fat and acts like an asshole.
From personal experience they usually think they have some sort of power and are generally slow. (See chav)
Short Fat Faggot: Hey, what the fuck are you fuckers looking at?
People: A short fat faggot.
SFF: I'll get my crew to bang you out, mate!
People: Your loner crew of other short fat faggots?
SFF: Yeah?... Wait, fuck you!
by PotHeadJesus October 15, 2009

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