SOCOM II is the best online game for the PS2. It is an over-the-shoulder Military Shooter based off Navy SEALs and their operations.
The most popular online console game.
Operativ is the best SOCOM II player there is.

Ghost Recon 2 doesn't have shit on SOCOM II.
by Brooksie October 19, 2004
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compare something incredibly awesome to this.
dude, this cinimon roll is so good. its like socom II.

I wish god would be there for me sometimes. If only he was socom II.
by NNNnolan unit March 18, 2004
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A fairly fun third-person shooter for the Sony Playstation 2 videogame console. It has very unrealistic physics including 1-hit kill knee shots and jumping off fairly tall objects and still being able to walk. Also, you can sustain multiple (20-30) gunshot wounds before dying. Online mode is the way to go, as long as you don't mind 10 year old kids who complain about every death and haven't hit puberty yet. Large selection of guns, although most have been renamed probably due to legal issues (i.e. H&K MP5=HK5, L85A1=IW-80, Styer AUG=STG-77).

Overall, a good way to spend some time, but just as bad as the craptastical Rainbow Six 3 for physics and realism.
by Joe Taco January 27, 2005
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best game in the world for PS2
also see the first game SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals
Valkir pwnz your n00b asses in socom
by Brian January 25, 2004
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