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A dragon once presumed to be a man, and then a dragon-man. Features include an S-shape and a more different S-shape. The S-shapes are closed up real good at the top and are detailed with consummate V's. Also included are small wings in case he is a wing-a-ling dragon and a big, beefy arm coming out of his neck. Also called "Trogdor the Burninator" and is very majestic. Burninates the countryside, peasants, and thatched roof cottages, preferrably in the night. Occasionaly smites a Kerreck, which results in all being laid to burnination.
And the Trogdor smote the Kerreck, and all was laid to burnination!
by Joe Taco June 5, 2004
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A fairly fun third-person shooter for the Sony Playstation 2 videogame console. It has very unrealistic physics including 1-hit kill knee shots and jumping off fairly tall objects and still being able to walk. Also, you can sustain multiple (20-30) gunshot wounds before dying. Online mode is the way to go, as long as you don't mind 10 year old kids who complain about every death and haven't hit puberty yet. Large selection of guns, although most have been renamed probably due to legal issues (i.e. H&K MP5=HK5, L85A1=IW-80, Styer AUG=STG-77).

Overall, a good way to spend some time, but just as bad as the craptastical Rainbow Six 3 for physics and realism.
Big 'N Tasty is the best on SOCOM II
by Joe Taco January 27, 2005
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Japanese economy car commonly owned by little wigger biotches who think they are so cool. Usually sporting a 20-inch fart pipe and sometimes body kits and spoilers. To this date I have never seen a real one with an aftermarket engine part (besides maybe spark plugs and an oil change)
I blew the pants offa that ricer civic with my 88 MUSTANG GT!
by Joe Taco February 5, 2005
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