when you see somebody really hot you'd call them a snacc, especially if you want to f*ck them.
"yo, man she looks really good damn"
"yeah, dude. She be lookin' like a straight up SNACC"
by jennasea October 28, 2017
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A fine ass mofo. Someone that looks so good.. I mean, well, you want to eat them... like a snack.
DAMN! Did you see that dude? He a snacc!!
by justarandomorganisim February 28, 2018
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Used when you find someone madly attractive and would like to have sexual intercourse with them effectively and immediately.
Damn gurl you lookin' snacc
by I.snacc October 4, 2018
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someone who is good looking enough that you want to eat him/her
Angelo is such a snacc
by Childish Babino June 7, 2018
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when a girl looks good enough to eat
damn, Chelsea is looking like a snacc
by lambregui November 12, 2017
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