SLoW or SLW is an acronym for self-loathing white, sometimes referred to as "kids" as they are often college students or other young recipients of higher indoctrination with little to no real-world experience.
There were hardly any black people at the campus BLM demonstration, just a bunch of SLoW kids.

SJW? More like SLW!
by Van Thos June 02, 2020
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a person who does dumb things, unknowing of its dummness
Blond: i like the one with the glitter

Girl: they all have glitter slow kid

Blond: i still like the one with the glitter
by Squillium Fancyson March 04, 2008
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Fake Jordans, usually the hood specials you get for 2 for $150 from your local neighborhood hustler.
That kids had the slow kids VIIs on because they were see-through.
by Bisi April 30, 2008
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Slow Kids At Play is a webcomic loosely based on the life of Bobby Dean and Dustin Beauchamp in Austin, Texas. The two guys along with their unlikely friend Mortimer, a crazy maniac penguin bent on world domination, and Bobby's girlfriend Amanda, a crazy maniac women bent on Bobby domination, regularly save the day from the strange and fantastic things that threated the world. Every Monday and Friday, Bobby and Dustin can be seen fighting the evil government organization S.C.U.B.I.D.U. (Secret Continental Underground Bureau for the Investigation of the Diabolicaly Unnatural) humiliating public icons, and rapeing pop culture.

Written and Maintained by Bobby Dean
All Art and Graphics by Dustin Beauchamp

Slow Kids At Play is copyrighted by Bobby Dean and Dustin Beauchamp - 2006

Any use of the characters or their likenesses must be done so with the express written concent of Bobby Dean and Dustin Beauchamp.

All logos, characters, and images are trademarks of Bobby Dean and Dustin Beauchamp and may only be used with their permission.
Slow Kids At Play -
by Dustin Beauchamp September 07, 2006
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So-called smart people who are obsessed with Covid-19 precautions and spend all their time worrying about catching it, & who criticize anyone who is not as obsessed and fearful about catching Covid-19 as they are.
According to the Covid slow kids, only a horrible person would go to a funeral for a loved one or attend any event for any reason when they’re all just ways for the virus to spread.
by Squirrel Rito January 03, 2021
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