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Abbreviated form of "Michael McDonald singing" wherein a person sings virtually any song in a style which mocks or immitates the famous crooner, particularly well-suited as a karaoke gimmick.
I Mike Macked Soundgarden's "Burden in My Hand" at karaoke last night and it killed!

I killed time on the drive from Atlanta by Mike Macking the Active Rock radio stations.
by Van Thos December 06, 2012
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SLoW or SLW is an acronym for self-loathing white, sometimes referred to as "kids" as they are often college students or other young recipients of higher indoctrination with little to no real-world experience.
There were hardly any black people at the campus BLM demonstration, just a bunch of SLoW kids.

SJW? More like SLW!
by Van Thos June 02, 2020
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