'SK' is and abbreviation for 'Sick cunt' or 'Sick kunt'.

A slang abbreviation used by people mainly in Australia and New Zealand.
"Your mates a sk"

"You're a fucking sk"

"Aw what a sk"
by Boiwoda October 5, 2014
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A person who thinks there sick mainly from Australia listen to Sydney yungins or hp boys or some of that aussie drill shit like to wear bum bags tns and think they’re the shit, you find these people in your local trainstation vaping or necking on with girls half the age of them . 20 years later you find these people sniffing shit or going to prison for being a ped
Eshay lahd“What a sk
Other eshay lahd- “Oi bah cmon let’s follow this chicks around town”
by Ksileftnut March 10, 2021
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Johnny : Yo did u hear what alex did to that chick!?
Ahmed: Yea oath what a Sk.
by Nick_7 February 26, 2017
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An abreviation, short for the SKS. A semiautomatic rifle that is easy to convert to fully-automatic. A favorite of old school gangstas as it was invented around the same time as the AK-47
"I popped the punk ass with my SK. He didn't have a chance!"
by Pimp-Daddy June 2, 2004
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"You better hope he never gets out of prison! If he finds out you snitched, he'll kill you!! He's an SK!!"
by 107Soulja July 12, 2018
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Or just sk, abbreviation of "it's ok" or "that's ok".
Person 1: Thanks for the drink
Person 2: 'sk
by PrettyStarFury July 11, 2008
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SK - Short hand for 'Soggy Knicks'. A Word used to describe the result of female arousal by someone whom they find attractive.
Oh my god, he's so hot. I just got SK.
by BatteryOperated November 6, 2012
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