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'SK' is and abbreviation for 'Sick cunt' or 'Sick kunt'.

A slang abbreviation used by people mainly in Australia and New Zealand.
"Your mates a sk"

"You're a fucking sk"

"Aw what a sk"
by Boiwoda October 08, 2014
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An abreviation, short for the SKS. A semiautomatic rifle that is easy to convert to fully-automatic. A favorite of old school gangstas as it was invented around the same time as the AK-47
"I popped the punk ass with my SK. He didn't have a chance!"
by Pimp-Daddy June 02, 2004
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The most hot girl ever she s so hot words cant explain and any boy will fall for her so whoever is dating her needs to watch out for any potintal threats ir you might not have a girl any more!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dude dude i think he is flirting with SK!!!!
by HELENWATERMELON October 03, 2017
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SK - Short hand for 'Soggy Knicks'. A Word used to describe the result of female arousal by someone whom they find attractive.
Oh my god, he's so hot. I just got SK.
by BatteryOperated November 06, 2012
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