You either love her, or ya hate her. No one really knows why she got famous, even she doesn't know. Basically someone who can move their arms and gets 100M followers in a year, when some people have been grinding for 10 years and have barely gotten 1000 while doing stuff that takes talent.

She cried about losing 1.1M followers in a day to get her way. wAs tHe nInTy FiVe nOt eNoUgH fOr yOu?
Dog: poops
Person: omg my dog just charli d'amelioed
by simpboy10002 January 28, 2021
Charli D'Amelio is a social media influencer. She was born on May 1, 2004. Most definitions are usually biest but here's a real definition. She is a famous Tiktoker Who has over a 100 million followers. She is most famous for doing the Renegade. She is a internet personality who is both liked and hated. She has a fandom named Dunkins and has a sister named Dixie
Charli D'amelio is on Tiktok.
Charli D'amelio is traveling.
by A1ana March 16, 2021
Charli D'amelio is a famous tiktok star known for dancing, and sometimes comedy. Charli herself does not know why she is famous. But she still posts every two to 3 days for her fans.
Friend 1: Have you seen Charli D'amelio's new video

Friend 2: No where can I find it!
by Soybotndjeb March 20, 2021
A TikTok famous 16-year old who dances in front of her phone all day gets millions of views for moving her arms rapidly and doing trendy TikTok dances. She has all the hype and she deserves it, she is surprisingly unproblematic but does really unnecessary but amazing TikToks of her doing literally nothing and getting 50 million views.
Friend~whats the name of the renegade girl the one with all the hype
Me~Charli D'amelio I wuv that girl!
by XxZoexX July 27, 2020
A little crybaby who just cries infront of camera for likes, and fans.
Charli D'amelio is super mean, Shes such a crybaby and cries infront of camera for likes and fans.
by coolkids2829327038 January 24, 2021
A Tik Toker who has reached the top of the Tik Tok world.
Charli D'amelio is the best influencer on Tik Tok. She is also a dancer
by @2LITTGANG55 June 1, 2020
Charli D'amelio is a famous, overrated Tik Toker with over 201.3 MILLION followers all for being a snobby brat who pays her parents bills. She has 34.7 Million instagram followers, all for PICTURES!?! Anyways, Charli D'amelio is an overrated teen who does not deserve the fame she has, she overpays for meet & greets, shes rude to paparazzi, she secretly dates lil huddy (Chase Hudson), she hances innapropriatly for her young viewers, and she bought 2 MILLION followes just so she could hit 100 Mill.
Charli D'amelio is a spoiled BRAT.
by daddy liv December 7, 2020