A product, or person advertised by the disney corparation. Often talentless, bad actors, bad singers. Some of them are whores ( Miley Cyrus) some are bimbos (Jonas brothers) They usually attract large amounts of pre-adolecent girls, and sometimes boys. Not to be trusted. Or liked.
John: Whos miley cyrus..?
Jane: only the stupidest disney star to grace the earth
by Justine_Hawley November 15, 2008
when all teenage disney stars feel the need to become stupid sluts and eventually leave the show/channel to pursue carreers in prostitution, being whores, etc.
miley cyrus is a perfect example of disney star syndrome because she is quitting the show
by smartpeoplez February 7, 2010
when someone is a star of a disney channel show they are always on like at least 2 other ones as well. Disney channel is too cheap to hire more actors, so they use all the same ones and make stale repetative shows.
Christy Carlson romano has disney channel star syndrome.
by The LOL January 3, 2006