abbreviation for "shit fuck whore." Commonly used by the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets to describe something terrible, as an adjective, or just in casual conversation. Essentially, it can be plugged in anywhere that people aren't uptight assholes. Used particularly by the unit N-1.
"Man I bombed my Calc test. sfw!!"
"Dude, this stupid sfw car won't start."
by MrVara October 27, 2011
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So Fucking What
title of a horrible teen angst movie from 1994, with stephen dorff and reese witherspoon
guy1: hey, i watched so fucking what last night
guy2: so fucking what?
guy1: exactly
by scat May 05, 2004
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SFW is an abbreviation for "so fucking wankable" or "so freaking wankable," describing the attractiveness of a girl.
Wow, that girl is SFW!
by Dawginatrix March 24, 2011
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So Fuckin' What
Means essentially the same thing as BFD (Big Fuckin' Deal) and WDDD (Whoop De Damn Do)
Used in informal "debate" as a quick way to dismiss/discredit/throw shade on an opponent's argument
dude1: Nah, man, I can't go. My gf will explode on me if I do.
dude2: Oh, BFD
dude1: Hey, I'm serious! She'll use it as an excuse to dump me again too
dude2: Dump you? lol SFW! Let her!!
dude1: *instant epiphany* You know something? F that B. You're right. Let's go!
dude2: Atta boy!
by AcheNot September 22, 2017
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Acronym for sensor-fuzed weapon. basically an air launched bomb with a sensor on the front that can detect how high it is and detonate the bomb about 10 meters above the ground, spraying shrapnel over a large area. highly effective against infantry and light vehicles
the advancing convoy was obliterated by 3 sfw's.
by MarkTehGreat May 03, 2007
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Stands for "So Fucking Weak." - The ethnic people's alternative to saying "LOL" aloud.
Keisha: So I found out he got thrown in jail. SFW
by DatBoi4157 June 17, 2009
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