A state of intoxication caused by marijuana usage. Short for stoned.
"We took a drive around the block and got S'ed."
"Shiny objects are interesting when you're S'ed."
by Der KΓΌnstler January 16, 2006
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Person 1: Stfu bitch
Person 2: SED you fat cunt
Person 1: Damn...i cant handle that
Person 2: Knowing your slut ass, you will handle it no problem
by AnonymousXIX July 17, 2016
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Seds is the nickname given to the ever greatful Hannah Seddon, saving her from the embarassment of walking round with the nickname "fudge" over her head.
"SEDS!! shut the fuck up!"
Also "sedders" and "chedders" when one can be assed to use an extra syllabul.
by Seds March 29, 2005
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Ancient Unix tool commonly used for simple string replacements. Abbreviation of "Stream EDitor".

See also: s/
command: echo "test foo blah" | sed -e 's/foo/bar/'
output: test bar blah
by DJMoses May 27, 2009
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im chat..short for said, like "he said", "she said"...sez
he sed..., she sed..., we sed..., you sed...
by blthrskt December 29, 2005
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A man with an incredibly small penis. The owner makes up with his short comings by being an aggressive vegan.
I feel bad to him, I heard he's Sed.
by PunaniWang December 29, 2019
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