SCP-096 is a Euclid-class SCP object. It is a tall (2.38 m) and emaciated pale humanoid. When someone views SCP-096's face, even indirectly, it will enter a stage of considerable emotional distress for 20 seconds. When it exits this stage, it will begin chasing that person at great speed (35+ km/h), with the intent of killing. However, viewing an artistic depiction of its face will not set off this reaction.
looks at SCP-096 's face,
by dude511 February 3, 2013
A very pretty entity that you should look at :)
by Aquatic_animations10 August 7, 2021
A humanoid like anomaly measuring 2.38 m in height and its hands are out of proportion with the rest of its body, it retains human like features with the exception of the eyes, whenever an organism views SCP-096's face whether it be directly via video recording or a photograph it'll enter an agitated state, it will begin screaming and crying. 1 or 2 minutes after the organism views SCP-096's face, SCP-096 will begin running towards its target at speeds at 35 kilometers an hour, speed varies at distance from its target. If the target is very far away it will be able to run extremely fast, upon arriving to its target's location it will begin to attack its target. After SCP-096 kills its target it will then sit down, 5 minutes after it will become docile once again.
Oh no I just looked at SCP-096.

God dammit man.
by adudewithadog June 18, 2020
A long boi who cries a lot and kills you if you see his face.
Someone make SCP-096 stop screaming so loud!
by Sam_OwO December 30, 2022
Deadly humanoid figure about {2.38} meters tall.He is an eulucid class so he's is hard to catch or put back in his cage.I prefer you DON'T stare at him because if you do he will enter an emotional state if you look at him.After looking at his face he will hear or see scremes of death and hiding his face for about 20 seconds then he will chase you or whoever looks at him and kill them instantly one after another.If you see 096 and he is screming RUN!
Scp means Secure,Contain,Protect and scp 096 is the deadly humanoid figure in the foundation.
by handle mann April 15, 2022