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Self-Appointed Road Police.

Wannabe police officers that drive in an obstructive manner believing it is their job to "police" the way you drive.

1) Refusing to move over from the overtaking lane to let you past because they are already travelling at the speed limit and so deliberately block you from going any faster.

2) At roadworks where a lane is closed they will position themselves in the 'closed' lane several miles before the cones to force everyone to queue in a single file believing that the queue will move quicker. This is despite the fact that signs have been placed along the roadside specifically telling everyone to zip merge in turn where the cones start.
by All that jazz March 09, 2012
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A shitty server where it lags and disconnects on almost a daily basis.
Man this server is acting like SARP.
by sarpsucks2012 February 11, 2012
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1. abv. "whats up", question of ones current state, commonly used as a greeting
person a: sarp man?
Person b: not much im just sitting and u?
by ant0rz October 15, 2003
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