Acronym for Non-Athletic Regular Person. Your schools lacrosse team probably shouts it at you while you walk by.
Lookie at these bunch of narps, NARP NARP NARP
by Douchebag McKenzy March 31, 2010
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What my friend uses to explain any non varsity athlete at our school. Short for a Non Athletic Regular Peasant.
Athlete 1: Hey, did you talk to Sandra about the homework assignment?
Athlete 2: No I don't talk to NARPS
by Monkeyman 15515 November 8, 2017
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Non Athletic Regular Person in regards to cadets at service academies who are not intercollegiate atheletes. Tend to be nerdy, uncoordinated and socially awkward
by MALICIOUS C7 March 4, 2010
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how the members of the Cornell Women's Basketball team refer to anybody that is not on their team. short for a non athletic regular person
Marie: "Wow he's such a narp"
by cornHell March 9, 2017
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Non-Athletic Random Person

A term the athletes on campus use to describe the rest of the student body
-at a party-
Jock 1: Who the fuck are all these narps???
Jock 2: I know man, like Get out my face!!! Fucking narps get on my nerves.
by Machete Masta G.2 October 2, 2012
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Chandler Earnheart- The light skinned boy that originates from northern Virginia with minimal athletic ability and very low game spitting skills.
Yo that kids such a narp, lets kick his ass.
by laxitupp June 30, 2010
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Not A Real Person, someone who is fake or has no sense of what the real world is like around them, they have no clue how to go about doing anything in real life and they seem to live in this imaginary world where no one is right but them.
One of my friends is a NARP because she (a) thinks that music and concerts are "so high school", (b) did not know that in order for the dishes to get clean in the dishwasher you needed to add dish detergent, (c) everything that comes out of her mouth is a complaint, (d) she does not know how to have fun and enjoy new experiences because she is a NARP and lives in a fantasy world and probably won't be able to survive for 10 minutes in the real world alone.
by Arp35 January 24, 2011
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