can also be said as SONAD one word - it is to suck on a dick.
Idea from the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall - "You don't wanna stick your P in a V!" "No but I wanna B my L on somebodies T's."

I want S on a D!
by Level 7 August 11, 2009
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The term a drunk girl uses when she wants to suck on your dick in a Taco Bell parking lot.
Drunk girl: "I want to S on a D!"

*sees you chilling in your car at Taco Bell*
Drunk girl: "Hey can I S on your D?"
You: "What's S on a D mean?"
Drunk girl: "Suck on your Dick!"
by sonadpod November 10, 2015
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Short for or a nicer way to say "suckin the dick"
"I took this girl out last nite and she ended up s-in the d"
by Dane Shearer September 8, 2006
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A faster way to tell someone "suck on my dick".
Matt: Hey dude are you gonna finish those nachos?

Joseph: S on my D.
by josephswalm October 25, 2007
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1) First used in Cross Country meaning Suck A Mean Dick. . .

2) Used in conversation to get a girl to go away. Often associated with a commanding tone.

3) The A can be substituted for the letter of a guy or girl's name. This is used to invite a girl or guy to hook up.
1) Oh go S A Mean D!

2) You dumbass, go s a mean d.

3) S N(ick's) Mean D
by Jen June 27, 2004
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(abbreviation) In short, SUCK A DICK. In long-speak, the condensed, shorthand sequence of print heralding defiance, contempt and disgusting indifference stopping short of outright hatred to its intended recipient Simplistic, straight to the point, and more oftentimes than not easy to translate without any previous exposure to the sequence. Coined, created and transcribed by well known International Phrase-coiner and Exhibitionist N. Nick in his successful attempt and creation in producing in abbreviation that was sincere and heart felt degradation to its intended yet remaining not overtly profane and blatantly vulgar to nearby witnesses.
Touring some of the town’s more seedy and dingy parts John and Paul amused themselves as they attempted to decipher and interpret some of the local color bursting in multiple colorings and shadings. “Ehhhhh” sang John, in that absolutely aggravating as Fuck English accent everyone seems to notice, “Wonder wot that over there in red and black paint is supposed to be about?” Reading it aloud he began “S-a-D” seeming to make his reproduction sound like a question. “Shit, you’re such a dumbshit, John, ‘Suck A Dick’, Muthafucka, what the bloody hell’s wrong with you?” Paul asked noticeably aggravated and impatient. “Suck A Dick, Suck A Dick, Suck A Dick… Suck This Dick, Jesus-fucking-Christ already. Suck A Dick, John. Go fuck-all, muthafucka”.
by Nikki Stixx April 9, 2022
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A well known wody, by the name of Meg Mason, once said "so, did she S the D?" And i said, "what do you mean, suck the dick?".
Sup yo, is she gunna S the D or what?
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