A second semester senior. Seniors in the second semester begin to stop caring about school work, and school in general, just looking towards their life ahead. Pronounced "S cubed"
Tom: Eh bro, did you do that stat homework?
Arnold: No way dude, I'm an S^3.
by rushringleader March 8, 2010
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The Queen herself has graced us with her presence. Ella S is a true royal and your lucky to even cath a glimpse of her. Her beauty is magnificent and he singing voice is better than any disney princess ever <3 If you ever see Ella S you better be in awe.
Charlotte: omg look Erina, Ella is comming our way!
Erina: omd out QUEEN. All hail Ella S <3 !!
by Erinaxlucifer♡ July 17, 2021
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PlayStation 3

Typically spoken "Pwn-s (the letter) -3".

An acronym describing Sony's PlayStation 3.

Full explanation.


s, adds a plural to "pwn"

3, 3v3ryday, partial l33t sp33k for "everyday".
-Guy 1-
Dude, I totally pwn-s 3 your ass!

-Guy 2-
Hey, Xbox is better (Gets Pwned)!

"pwn s 3v3ryday, see also pwn-s-3" Not often used exactly.
by Timeoddplace January 6, 2010
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the season in which it is available for a man to take a smut (slut) away from another man.
During smut snatchin' season or s^3, Sponge managed to get with 5 girls who were already dating guys.
by Telly DOEnut March 21, 2009
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I have to do the 3 s's before i go out.
by Guy R February 16, 2008
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Bob: Hey Joe wanna hang out?
Joe: Sure, just let me do the 3 S's and I'll swing by.
by Jesus January 11, 2004
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a quick way of explaining what you need to do before you are ready to go out. The s's stand for: Shit, Shower, Shave.

for extended version see "4 s's"
Wife: Are you ready to go out for a meal.

Man: No, I just need to do the 3 s's

Wife: Well I won't eat it this time
by Barry Chuckle touched me November 10, 2008
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