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A beautiful, smart, hot babe, who is a lil self concious but just deserves to be hugged and cared for. love ya bubs. :P
I care about you bubs.. and i love ya Erina
by Djblack12 April 19, 2011
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Erina is the name of a girl from Albania, this name always corresponds with someone who is extremely, above and beyond attractive. Any girl with this name is someone who every guy wishes they could be with.
"Hey have you seen that girl from Albania named Erina" - Jeff
"Holy duck yes, she's so damn pretty" - Miles
"I agree" - Lexi
by xXMinecraft4LifeXx January 28, 2018
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girls who have improved themselves over time at the expense of becoming a bit self-centered.
I haven't seen you in forever- way to pull an erina.
by kayleiga April 28, 2008
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(noun) An overinflated sense of entitlement. One who behaves as if she were royalty.

(verb) To fill, drain, crush and discard without care of consequence to others.
(n) What a princess - that erina thinks I'm her personal Court Jester.

(v) She erina-ed my heart like a paper cup.
by La Chasse aux Papillons September 14, 2008
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A hard working, very talented person. She takes every challenge on and works well with other people. she is one of your trustworthy friends and can keep a secret for her whole life. She is very intelligent, whilst also being able to Sing, Perform in front of Crowds and Act. She may or may not know your crush and her crush's first initial is probably P, L, C, or B
Erina is nice
by Bobbie Brownx December 15, 2018
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