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Ryles is the type of guy who is really good at video games but is super hot, he also is a jock that is very funny and kind
Hunter: Did you see that guy Ryles all the girls like him and he’s really good at Fortnite
by Rbuck69 May 28, 2018
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Adam: Did you see that wicked cool guy?
Josh: Yeah, I heard his name is Riley....
Adam: I bet he goes by Ryles
by RB10 April 19, 2011
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Average PUBG player who says the N word too much. Sucks at basketball. High jumps 6 foot but still can't dunk. Typical Savannanite. Top 3,408,302 streamer on Twitch. Also a cop.
I hope my son isn't a Ryle when he grows up. I would have to put him down...
by ThunderPickle January 09, 2020
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the best ship ever. raazia shoab x myles leslie seward. myles if you read this, raazia wants you ;)))
oooh, myles is looking at raazia, #RYLES!!!!!!!!
by ilovejw February 11, 2019
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A big fucking nigga that likes to fuck young christian girls.
"Hi I'm Ryle!"
by jordanyip September 02, 2019
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an actual dumb ass bitch, falls for crackhead skater boys who play with her feelings. usually a whole clown ass bitch. crackhead skater boys who are one kick flip away from dying are her type. and that's on periodtttt love
'Wow she's such a Ryle for falling for that dumb ass"
by ryjjff October 22, 2019
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