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a person who is boss as fuck, flossy as fuck, majestic as fuck, smooth as fuck, finger licking good as fuck, gangsta as fuck, punk as fuck, wholesome as fuck, friend of nature as fuck, courteous as fuck, regal as fuck, artistic as fuck, resourceful as fuck, real good in bed as fuck, sexy as fuck, poetic as fuck, always lends a helping hand as fuck, friendly as fuck, Macgyver level brilliant as fuck, so absolutely fucking awesome as fuck that it's pretty much fucking crazy as fuck, also she likes dogs. Fuck cats!!

Referred to as a pride when found in a group.
Famous Ryane Quotes:
"I aint going out like this...these rabid grizzly bears aren't gonna get the best of me today!"

"Hey all, I got some grizzly bear pelts for sale here, real cheap!"
by Susie's Pseudonym February 02, 2015
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Ryane is a Irish/German name, for a girl. That girl is the best girl you'll ever meet. She's sweet, loyal, and a total badass. She will be there for you when you need her, she is very intelligent, and She makes the other girls look bad. She has high standards, but is very calm around certain people. If you were to make Ryane mad, you better run.
by Her man March 15, 2017
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A nasty slut who works at local strip clubs, hoping to find a "babydaddy" for her three crack babies. Can often be spotted wearing leopard print, and 8-inch stilettos.
His ex-girlfriend became a Ryane after he left her for her little sister.
by junkinthetrunkwithabump September 27, 2009
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