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a book series, created by stephanie meyer, that describes a story of romance between a human and a sparkling FAIRY that keeps calling itself a vampire. to make true that past statement, the real description for a vampire is "an impure monster that feeds on the blood of the living to both, love forever and to hide its true monstrous form".....
twlight, has invaded the hearts and minds of salivating teenage girls by describing a some guy as a vampire.

the book also describes a werewolf character that breaks the codes of werewolfism. this "jacob" ,for some strange reason, has the ability to change into a wolf whenever he wants to and can control his actions in wolf form. i make the point that werewolves are FORCED to turn every full moon and slaughter everyone near by. so, jacob would kill bella.

there are plenty of other books to read that have pain, love, and writing genius. don't hang on to the mainstream book series. it has done away with past storytelling work, shaming authors like Bram Stoker and Ann Rice. if you wont romance, go to someone else, besides the monsters.
if you want real vampires and werewolves, watch the Wolfman remake and interview with the vampire. Twlight is a disgrace to the horror background.
by the gentlemen thief December 31, 2009
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a whiney little bitch-boy. that whines about his about his dumbass fuckin' problems that noone gives a shit about because he is a " whiney white trash who shits purple twinkies and sucks a dick like there is no tommorow
ryan sheckler needs to save everyone from countless hours of torture and shut the hell up!
by the gentlemen thief November 09, 2009
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there is only one definition for bam margera, and that is, a bleeding douche-bag, flaming butt-pirate, cum guzzling dick muffin.....yes, dick muffin. he is the single biggest sell-out in skatboarding history. he is a gaint leech that sucks the talent off other famous people's balls..... why the F*** is he famous!?
bam margera dose'nt do shit on jack-ass, and any other show he's been on is completely scripted...douche.
by the gentlemen thief November 09, 2009
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brokerite is another name for a hipster or an indie kid. this term was invented after the release of the crime videogame Grand Theft Auto IV. the indie radio station, known as Radio Broker, describes hipsters (or those to hipster to call themselves hipster) or brokerites.
Bob: tom, your such a brokerite man

Tom: im to cool to be broker
by the gentlemen thief November 11, 2009
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those who are known to have no misfortune. they are also known to always be happy and filled with "sunshine"
sunshine person: i love everyone!
emo guy: f***ing sunshine people!!!!
by the gentlemen thief January 01, 2010
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The definition of a scene kid ranges from a badly viewed individual to a narcissistic cunt. My definition is unbiased and only states the facts i believe to be true. A person in their teens who's distorted view on society has them crushed into a style that was once known as the alternative, but has now become bland and unoriginal. they are non-conforming conformists. Seemingly unable to invent anything for themselves, stealing the ideas and traits of the true originals in society, claiming them as their own, and changing the ideas so that it no-longer holds it's first intention. it is a known fact that if you should confront a scene kid to him/her, he/she will take one of two actions, he/she will either deny being a scene kid or point out the hypocrisy in what you say to them. In this sense, some one does not need to look or think any certain way to be considered scene. As long as the commit these actions, they can be described as scene. I am self-aware enough to, not only admit the hypocrisy, but to also understand it. I know that I'm not the pinnacle of original thinking, and I'd be stupid to think so, but these people don't seem to have to capacity to invent and create. they constantly use up their time, money, and energy to look like each other instead of breaking themselves out of the mold they've made. In a strange twist of fate, they have become what they originally rebelled against! The Alternative of the Alternative, ironic isn't?
Hottopic is a store who's main consumers are scene kids.
by the gentlemen thief May 19, 2010
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literally meaning "partner" in Japanese, it is has now more commonly meant gay or homosexual.
i'm going to the aibou pride parade!!
by the gentlemen thief January 06, 2010
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