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The Infamous Grease Trucks are located on the street Corner of Hamilton Street and College ave, located next to the Quad at Rutgers. New Brunswick, the food is amazing and will make you hurt inside, some variations include fried chicken cheese steak and mozzarella sticks on a sub roll with fries lettuce and tomato, with catsup known as the fat knight.... the grease trucks originated there but their "Fat" sandwiches have spread to other parts of the country and can be found all over new jersey and various places in the United States, the trucks have also been voted my maxum magazine as the best sandwhich in ameria for the fat darrel
The Grease Trucks have been the leading cause of heart attacks in America since their invention years ago
by rOBbRONSON August 15, 2006
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Location in New Brunswick, New Jersey that serves sandwiches that constitute meals-on-a-roll. Most famous example is a "Fat Bitch," which consists of chicken fingers, french fries, cheesesteak, mozzerella sticks, ketchup, lettuce, and mayo. If one is able to eat five of these sandwiches in 10 minutes, that person can have a sandwich named after him/her and create it however they wish.
When visiting my friend, I always go to the grease trucks to eat.
by Eagles Fan In Tampa December 11, 2003
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One of these sandwhiches will take a year off your life.
After Jim ate the 'fat bastard' he went into cardiac arrest.
by Eve March 27, 2005
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a place with four food distributing trucks in New Brunswick on rutgers campus that serves "fat" sandwitches on hoagie rolls like the fat phillipino which is chicken fingers, mozzerella sticks, cheesesteak and some kind of sauce. most sandwitches are 4.50, whitch is pretty cheap. if someone were to eat 6 sandwitches in 1 hour they can create thier own sandwitch and name it.
yo mike im hungry like a motherfucker after playin b-ball.... yo call up the pilgramage and lets go to the grease truks to get some fucking grub.
by mike vaccaro February 08, 2005
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