A trashy white Xanax fiend. Typically depends on Xanax for all day to day activities. Over time a “rustbucket” slowly undergoes mental retardation as a result of his addictions. Also see: bartard
Friend: wanna come hangout today?
Rustbucket: ughhhhh what? I’m completely xanned our rn

Ex #2:
*fight about to break out*
Rustbucket: im going to take only two more bars to help me fight better
by Scott bucket July 17, 2019
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An older-model car that has not been maintained well,once used to describe late 50s-early 70s cars with tailfins but now can also be applied to 80s cars.Rustbuckets typically belong to people who,though they often have the means to get a newer car,are holding onto the past with both hands(see Dead Elvis).The back of a rustbucket tends to drag the ground,the exhaust pipes belch black fog,the seats spill stuffing and the air conditioner seldom works.
"Get a load of that old rustbucket,it hansn't seen a fresh coat of paint since Nixon was Prez!"
by sns21274 October 8, 2009
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my first car. seriously, my car and others like it are peices of shit.
dude yer rustbucket sucks
by scrambled eggs September 14, 2006
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a crack/cocaine fiend some one who will do anythin for a fix
that kid would kill a man for a fix, what a rustbucket
by Kaniggles June 30, 2006
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When a Crackhead let's you shit in their mouth for crack
ayy yo I gave that basshead a Detroit Rustbucket on jah.
by BigSlothPepe January 23, 2022
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A sex move that involves taking an exhaust pipe from a 1989 Nissan truck, particularly with a lot of rust on it, inserting it into your partner's asshole, and pouring antifreeze through the pipe into the person's asshole.
Guy 1: I'm gonna get laid by this country girl obsessed with automotive vehicles tonight.
Guy 2: Nice one! You should give her the good ol' rustbucket thunderfuck.
by Huckleberry Mitch November 6, 2015
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When you're eating a girls butthole and she's on her period. Some of the blood leaks down on your tongue making it taste like a rusty penny.
Man I was trying to toss This bitch's salad last night and her period blood leaked down into my mouth. Tasted like a soulard rustbucket
by Ron Rico June 24, 2017
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