A much kooler way of saying rule.
The soldat clan, -N/A-, rools at life.
by Beasticly July 13, 2007
someone or something cool and awsemome, doing something
you rooled that skate board trick
by arthur woody April 19, 2007
A very clumsy person who always ruins things .
Damn it , Mark is such a rool ! He was carrying the birthday cake and it dropped dead on the floor !!! He ruined my boy's birthday !!!!
by Frank Rane April 12, 2004
When you're too sophisticated to write rofl, but still want to convey it, primarily in text form.
That joke had me rooling.
by Kerfufflator October 21, 2018
When something is too damn "REAL"
You are rool intense for me right now!

You are rool ugly!

That black pepper chicken with mosquite honey bbq sauce on the side was rool good!
by KandG May 3, 2008
Rest of our lives
Man, we broke.” “ROOL!”
by Numberonecatmom September 4, 2018