26 definitions by Tiff

is another word for fuckin also to shorten it..it can b used as neck= fuck
neck up u neckin parrot
by Tiff July 09, 2003
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the lowest form of dating, when you have no life. are uber ugly, and play sims all day.
hai, i h8 my life. so, how are you doing? how bout we strike up a long talk and we can talk about how beautiful our inner soul is, and forget the fact that were are hideous looking in real life!
by Tiff July 31, 2004
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she got dumps like a truck, truck, truck, guys like what, what, what
by Tiff April 09, 2004
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1) Destined for greatness regardless of adverse situations
2) Unique, different, impressive individuality
3) Stylish, suave
The famyri he displayed caused him to be the baddest individual around
by Tiff May 26, 2004
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A common hair style mostly found in girls where the back of the hair is spiked outwards and shit and it looks hott!
look at that girl! she has a duck butt!
by Tiff April 09, 2003
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