To have control of the people and the way they act in your current situation.
I run this shit
She runs this shit
You don't run shit.
seevanity Luciano
Snoop dogg
by Runnin' This shit. April 25, 2005
expression for "give it to me (now)"
usually used in the context of robbery
So I pulled out my toolie and i aimed it at her lip. I said earrings and the stereo, run that shit!
by peanuts and corn March 21, 2006
Usualy by the time you actually hear this phrase verbally you figure out what it means within a few seconds or you die. Usually said when someone is taking something". Most likely used in a very forceful context.
"Gimme your jacket, Bitch! Run that shit!"

"Run that Watch,playa"
by rondizzle February 27, 2006
Often a term used by Kamaj Sims stating that if there is a problem that is no longer able to be solved using words to then use physical violence; run the fade; run the work;
run that shit or shut the fuck up “

wassup with it then ? Run that shit
by Majdrippin March 31, 2019
to do what needs to be done or to take care of business.
Person one: "What are you gunna do today?"
Person two: "I gotta run my shit, bitch."
by Dmoneykingca-ching May 27, 2010
Complainant: Then the robber pointed a gun at me and said "run your shit."
by Anthony W. Yochmann July 11, 2008
When someone says some out of line comment and you give them a chance to correct it before you knock them tf out. Its like saying “What did you just say” but more thuggish🤗
Man: Females piss me off
Female: Run that shit back
Man: i said females make me mad!!
Female: mkay *knocks him tf out*
by Pseudonym children October 7, 2019