To get High or Im altered state of mind while being on the move from one place to another.
Fred’s been running and gunning since 7 am hope he doesn’t over do it .
by Elgibbster December 28, 2018
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to walk or run while masturbating, usually to avoid disgusted looks
I was downstairs, about to get off when my parents pull in the garage, so I have to run and gun all the way upstairs before i can finish
by Dalmondo Jones September 15, 2008
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It's a literal device, you just run away while shooting something... confusing ain't it?
Dude, try to run and gun when the friggen San An Army is after you!
by Tokeyo Beat April 30, 2008
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Games like Call Of Duty, where the main purpose of the game is to run around the map and find an enemy to kill. Unlike Battlefield, games like these don't rely on teamwork or tactics.
#Person 1: what do you think of cod ww2?
#Person 2: jesus, who cares about a run and gun game
#Person 1: k
by vidvention July 30, 2017
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A fast, freewheeling style of play or shoot in photography. Be able to react promptly, effectively, and productively when on a photo assignment and we may lack all the proper tools
"So just because you do not have an expensive flagship piece of equipment to shoot does not mean that you can't roll run-and-gun style when you have to..."
by Adriano To' Agui August 22, 2015
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When somebody is illegally selling, transporting, or carrying firearms.
"You better be careful you who you piss off man. They're running guns."

"I heard Johnny got thrown in the bin for running guns."
by pseudopsycho February 5, 2013
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the act of playing as an assault in FPS
Machine guns should not be "run and gun" it's not CoD ffs.
by vidvention August 10, 2017
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