Activity that is currently taking place, oftentimes of a disturbing or loud nature. It can be a brawl, an argument, or a party for instance.
I couldn't sleep last night, the neighbors were causing a rumpus all night. commotion
by Mike Made Man September 6, 2015
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The word rumpus can refer to many things such as your ass, toshi, butt, booty, backside, etc. The word rumpus comes from the word ramp which can sound like rump which can mean ass, toshi, butt, booty, backside, etc. Rumpus can also refer to a group of asses, toshis, butts, bootys, backsides, etc. Which is in the plural form. It can also mean loud noise or mess.
"Girl, you have a fine rumpus."
"Girl, clean up this rumpus."
"What is this loud rumpus."
by creampuff March 6, 2005
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Contrary to popular belief, rumpus doesn't mean your ass.
A rumpus is an activity that typically takes place after dark where a lot of people build a huge bonfire. They then paint their faces and/or arms and chest. You may also strip down to your skivvies but it's not necessary. After you're all dressed for the rumpus you dance around the fire and yell and sing. The object is to let your primal nature take over. This activity is mostly participated in by hippies. A rumpus took place in the book Where the Wild Things Are.
"Hey Olivia, you coming to the rumpus tonight?"
"Hell yea! I love to rumpus!"
by Gnora December 2, 2007
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The nation's oldest college tabloid.
A publication produced by Yale students.
How did that picture of my ass get into this month's issue of Rumpus.
by Snuggles K. Polk August 11, 2005
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A dirty debate tactic; continuing to speak over your debate opponent while they are trying to speak, as to not allow them an opportunity to convey their point.
Are you going to allow me to make m point, or are you just going to sit there and rumpus me?
by 24/7 Collective February 13, 2021
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