It means "rules for you but not for me", it means you have to follow the rules but not me
Trump: Rules for thee but not for me, you gotta release your tax returns but I don't have to do it because.... reasons.... bullshit... excuses....

It should be "rules for thee and rules for me, rules for all of us!" We must all follow the rules.
by SomeDude2022 February 20, 2022
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Usually a phrase said when cops abuse their power doing things as if they're above the law, it's a saying when someone believes they have authority over the law to do whatever they want.
Person 1: "holy shit... did you see that cop just blow through that red light?"
Person 2: "rules for thee but not for me"
by latrelljennings August 25, 2023
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A phrase use to denote that a person is trying to make others follow rules without having to follow them themselves.
Jane apparently has a rules for thee and not for me type of logic regarding her staff fucking the retards in her group home because she's trying to bully me into following the rules why simultaneously protect Kendra from having to follow them. Kendra complains about me not doing my job but she's fucking the retard and only works if I leave it all my work for the child murderer. Rules for thee and not for me I guess.
by Hym Iam December 3, 2020
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Leftist quote to follow, pretty self explanatory
Nancy Pelosi : Don't get haircuts (at beginning of pandemic)
Also Nancy Pelosi : *gets haircut at salon*

Kamala Harris : Owns handgun
Also Kamala Harris : Takes away everyone else's guns

by tungstan February 10, 2021
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