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Ruhan. Arabic Origin. "Spiritual" The meaning of the name Ruhan is Spiritual. The origin of the name Ruhan is Arabic. Other meanings also say that the name means Warrior, Fearless, and Trustworthy
My friend Ruhan is very spiritual and Trustworthy, I like that he is Fearless and never says no to a challenge.
by debby781119 July 02, 2018
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Ruhan is an arabic name and most people with the name Ruhan is kind cheerful and energetic
Ruhan is amazing
by Lol2007 November 22, 2018
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ruhan is a gangsta no one can fuck with, he owns the block and runs ends, he can fuck anyone up and can't get beaten by no one, he's real and straighter than a mofucker, however he has a deep dark secret no one knows but him🀐
you can't fuck with ruhan
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by drillzβš”οΈ August 28, 2019
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Ruhan has two polar sides to him.

Ruhan. Arabic Origin. "Spiritual" The. Other meanings also say that the name means Warrior, Fearless, and Trustworthy
He has a passion for violence and can get very creative when it comes to violence, however is not considered crazy even if you think he is, he can be difficult at times to handle and hold down, he himself doesn't know the extent of his strength which is a dangerous aspect as it can get him into trouble
This does not mean he can't help but have some soft spots for a few special people, helping us move onto his other side

Ruhan is the kind of person that understands u and is always there for u even when u don't want him to
He's goofy at times but one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet
Once u meet him u don't want him to ever leave you
He's one of those guys that sound to good to be true I mean, he's perfect but really hard to get
He has the looks, the body, the height and the best personality. Ruhan has this voice that you'll fall in love with instantly
He has everything any girl ever wants in a guy and if u have a Ruhan u are truly blessed
He has his morals and ethics that you just respect and never breaks his word, he is a wise man who speaks from experience, he's been through and has done it all
With both his opposite sides, if you manage to land on the good side of a Ruhan consider yourself blessed, as he must see something in you, and would move mountains for your sake and his sanity
My friend Ruhan is a little much to handle, but he has his soft moments here and then
by skskskskkskskskkskkskk November 23, 2019
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