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Gay internet rapper out of San Marcos, Texas.

Rudeboi is widely known for fake love and his heavy use of spamming for self promo

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I came to show love, show love back and check me out. "Damn I got another 'Rudeboi' spam"
by offtopapp March 14, 2018
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A gay rapper is know as a rudeboi.

It is a way of identifying yourself as a gay rapper "I'm Rudeboi" is often linked to a public request for gay sex

#rudeboi #gayrapper #offtop #rap #rudeboigay
"Bruh.. I think that dudes a rudeboi"

"Yeah Bruh.. Sounds like you. Mumble Rap. Gotta be Rudeboi AF"
by SeanSamDaveOfftop March 13, 2018
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Alternative spelling of Rudeboy used in text messages. Any person called this must have spent some time in the custody of the police to qualify.
"'sup rudeboi?"
"just smoking some Bísclâit?"
by Bísclâitier August 17, 2006
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person who doesnt let others fuck with him,
is willing to kill those that hurt the one he loves, also will kill anyone who touches his man
this person is most always gay
Hey to you bitches and ass' messin with my boo, i'm about to go Rude Boi on your asses
by Jaded-Heart September 28, 2008
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"Oioi heard jack sent u nudes what were they like?"
"Well let's just say it was nothing more than a 2inch rudeboi *sigh*"
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