What is going on/what's happening, particularly in the case of common misdemeanour's.

Can be using as a question, in the case of: "What's gwaning?" or as a greeting: "safe mate, just been gwaning down here in ma car".

Q. Alright mate just been down the boozer, what's gwaning with you guys?

R. Nout much mate, just been gwaning round at X's house with Y and Z.

by Mark O'Neill July 1, 2008
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what's going on?
"Yo what's gwaning for the science assignment?"
"Idk styllaz homie"
by Wet Like Watah April 15, 2019
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past tense of gwan.
or gwanin.
means 'went on' or 'occurred'
Hector: yo homie what gwaned today?
Crispin: not much ma nigga.
by vivknee February 21, 2010
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Gwaning means the art of turning up and having energy for the party life derived from Jamaican slang' what a Gwan '
Gwaning is what the youth do nowadays apart from school.
by Egadwa March 27, 2018
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ta-gwaning features means a male or female with extreamly bad looking facial features ( a very very ugly person)

or instead of feature u could say foituoi
boy 1: oi bruv check her out, she is got proppa ta-gwaning features

boy 2: yeah bruv shes proppa ta-gwaning
by dh246 October 24, 2012
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