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Rubina is sophisticated and elegant.
She appreciates beauty. Appearance matters and she is easily charmed. She is an artist in the way she feels, thinks and even the way she lives her life. .
Rubina is the fittest girl ever. She has the hottest body and sweetest face with big shiny, baby - like, amazing eyes.

Rubina is the best friend one can have. Once you get a place in her heart she will always be there for her friends. She is loyal and truthful, even though she is really secretive and doesn't open up to just anyone. She knows how to forgive, but never forgets. She is playful and charming. She has mood swings. Rubina is attention seeking and wild, but people seem to like her and she gets what she wants.
She is very sexual but doesn't show it and tries to pretend to be innocent and meek. She is also sharp-witted and clever and hence can easily understand most situations. She is straightforward, in fact very blunt in her opinions.

Rubina likes intellectual, smart, fun - loving, free people. She is hard to get, because she gets bored easily. She has a great heart, full of love, but she can't be tied to serious relationships. Rubina would rather be a 'friends with benefits' type of girl.
A: Have you seen that Rubina girl? She is so fit!!

D: She is my friend, the one that got me out of trouble that time ...

A: She is truly amazing.
by Antoniel April 28, 2012
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the most awesomest person in the whole WIDE WORLD! if u have been named rubina, you muct be so full of awesomeness that everyone wisehed they were just like you in every way =)
dude, your such a rubina!
by poopeefacetooty August 25, 2010
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