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A ruan will take your heart like a storm he will make you feel the best you ever have a ruan always laughs at your weird jokes a ruan can be quite but when you need love he will send it right your way. you feel blest when you have a ruan in your life until you dont because A Ruan is also the type of person who says he wants to talk but never does a ruan needs to become more graceful a Ruan has good days and bad days but when he hurts you he doesn't try to fix it ruan's have many flaws to them but you can always count on a ruan when you need them most. If you have a ruan in your life don't leave him like I did because you will regret it every day of your life.
"Did you see ruan today" lily said
"Oh yeah he was making all of his friends laugh" Luke said
by Smexygaylord69 July 12, 2018
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from the latin ruopa meaning "gods perfect creation". ruan is amazingly gorgeous with a wicked sense of humour. he is intelligent and knows how to party. if you are lucky enough to come across a ruan, treasure this special being for ever - you wont regret it!
ruan from essex is a fine example
by Natalie April 22, 2005
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A word which descibes someone who hates everyone and everything, especially Muse, Patrick Swayze and Cashew Nuts.
Matt - 'I saw Patrick Swayze recently listening to Muse and noshing on a bag of Cashew Nuts'

Harv 'That bloke is such a Cunt and so are Muse and Cahsew Nuts taste like an unclean gash..!!'

Matt - 'God man, your such a Ruan..!!'
by Ru H... September 21, 2009
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A complete and utter pussy( a "poes")
The friend in the group talking shit and not able to do what the fuck he says.
John was a real Ruan at the party last friday, he did not even wanted to skinny-dip with Clair!
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by Feminismforever69 June 17, 2018
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