To make something to its extreme level or what it is suggesting.
Man, your ride is royaly sweet wish i had one but I am royaly broke
by S. Knight January 30, 2004
Being screwed over so bad that you cannot begin to comprehend how bad your screwed.
by Everyone March 21, 2005
royaly boned = big trouble/your well in for it.
boy: i just ran over my girlfriend. she was cheating on me. 1000s of people saw me do it and the cops are after me.

girl: you are royaly boned dude.
by emo rach wants attention March 17, 2007
1) To be have Motorola screw you over.

2) To have an intimate/sexual moment with a Motorola product.
1) 'Dam those mother fuckers at Motorola screwed my over, they Motor-royaly fucked me!'

2) After a long night of anal sex at her boyfriends 'Pad', Katie the Nympho went home & put her Motorola phone on vibrate & was Motor-royaly fucked.
by Boyaka! May 17, 2005