A very friendly person who is the best to hang out with. Rowens always seem to be happy, but get mad or sad when you put them down. Hanging out with rowen is the best thing to fo when your having a bad day, usually have beautiful eyes and can cheer you up in an instant. Rowens tend to be very dorky at times.
Jim: Hey, who's that sexy chica over there?
Neil: Shut up dude, that's rowen!
Jim: oh my bad, I didn't know.
Rowen: -does something dorky-
by dammitimsleepy May 27, 2011
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A Rowen is one of the best people you will ever meet her smile lights up the room she is a great friend whom you can trust with anything

And she is an even better girlfriend who always wants to FaceTime, she will give you her undivided attention and will always want to be around you so if you ever become friends with a rowen keep her forever
Person1: have you talked to rowen lately

Person2: of course we were on FaceTime all night yesterday
by Cookieman18 October 13, 2019
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Rowen’s are very great friends and always strive to be the best they can be. They are loving and caring but hate when people turn on them. Make sure not to mess with a Rowen. They usually are friends with everyone and people love her. Rowen’s are very smart and very beautiful but sometimes they fail to realize it. Also, these girls are very athletic and hard working.
You should tell Rowen that:
by chickfila18 July 7, 2019
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Rowen is a chad who is a God at Sea of Thieves and a kickass DM in D&D
"I hope Rowen is running a Session. I really wanna fuck Jamie
by ZombieMaker5 September 1, 2021
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Strong, smart, beautiful women- derived from Rowena
She's seriously Rowen, I'd vote for her
by orangejuicepotato September 17, 2011
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