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A stunningly beautiful woman who is intelligent, competent and who, without intent, intimidates the hell out of most people. She is confident, has high standards but keeps her expectations reasonable. She chooses her path in life, turns obstacles into challenges and then meets the challenges head on. A Rowena has a phenemonal grasp of whatever language by which she communicates and uses words to achieve her goals. Yet, a Rowena is empathetic and never wants someone to feel diminshed in any way after an interaction with her.
"I'm not sure you should hire this candidate, she's sounds like a true Rowena."

"Are you kidding me? She's the kick in the ass that this department needs and they won't even know that she's doing it!!"
by koocanusanorth February 03, 2010
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WTF? It's should say "she is the best friend one can have & the worst enemy one can encounter. She is a ferociously fierce, fabulously radiant & amazing bad-ass bitch who'll cut you w/ the blade she hides under her tongue (or her razor-sharp wit) if you so choose to wrong her in any way. Though she's a forced to be reckoned w/, she has a heart of gold along w/ luxuriously flowling glossy locks, naturally voluptuous lips, furious swaying hips, flirty lush lashes & carries herself like the cutest most purtiest thing you've seen this side of L.A."
That lady right there is an absolutely stunning Rowena.
by feroza February 02, 2010
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She loves math, she hopes to be a math teacher when she grows up. She hates stupi people like Alexa and merary . Shes grumpy. She lowkey a snake cuz shes a big fat meanie . Likes to see people fail
by zamn that Rowena December 20, 2017
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