1. The beginning of the M3 motorway just outside Southampton, UK.
2. In male orgasm, the point of no return.
Not the fucking doorbell! I'm at the Chilworth roundabout! Urrghh!
by Richard Braithwaite October 15, 2003
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Sharing a sweet corn cob between two buttholes.
John and Jimmy did an Iowa roundabout in the field last night.
by plscrwnyguy August 10, 2017
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the act of swinging a full shopping bag around your penis.
similar to a windmill
Ted: Havent seen you around in a while Dave. You alright?
Dave: I tried to show Julie a Tesco Roundabout and snapped my penis! I've been in hospital for the last month!
Ted: Dude
by Cpt Brownsauce Sandwich February 14, 2010
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When a bitch sucks off multiple men.
Man, my bitch was so drunk last night she gave my dogs a polish roundabout!
by shornballs August 31, 2007
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An elusive form of laziness that involves doing more work than necessary in one area in order to avoid doing work in another.
I was so Roundabout lazy today; I didn't feel like rewriting my message, so I sent a follow-up message to clarify.
by BoxMonkey January 15, 2009
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