When nailing a chick in the ass in Odessa MO and she spins around and starts cleaning your dick with her mouth.
Male 1:you know how dirty Andrea is?
Male 2:no man, how dirty?
Male 1:I didn’t even ask her and she did an Odessa Roundabout with me last night.
Male 2: that’s awesome man, gotta love dirty girls.
by Meeee’s March 11, 2019
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When two people, typically a guy and a girl, leave in a vehicle together but arrive at the destination several minutes or even hours after everyone else. What happens with the guy in the girl in that excess time is typically described as being "Stuck on a Roundabout".
by Zed23 July 09, 2011
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when a townie or 'chav' has line or lines shaved around his (or her) head, that is a 'chilworth roundabout'. Im not really sure where it comes from. I think it may be an insult .
by Mr S Bad January 03, 2005
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The act of smoking a bowl before after popping an edible, so as you’re coming down off of the bowl, you’re ramping up with the high off of the edible
Hit a Rapscalions Roundabout last night, really set me off the yams
by Seedwmoker88 May 06, 2020
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When a group of hairy and drunken Russian men circle around one person and ejaculate on them, after this they then proceed to pour vodka over the person. Similar to the English or Japanese version of Bukkake.
Yu: you got to try this bukkake thing!

Karl: no thanks I already did the Russian Roundabout and man that makes you tired!
by Homebrewed Himself🍸 July 24, 2017
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It's like the Montreal Handshake, but instead of two gentlemen jerking each other off, a circle of men, three or more, reach with their right hands to the man to their right and jerk said person off. This creates a circle of euphoria that reminds them of their homeland--Montreal. (Not to be confused with a circle jerk)
After the bar and due to a disappointing night, the boys came back to Jimmy's apartment to let off some steam. Within the hour the were standing in a circle leaning slightly too the right, right arms extended, jerking each other off in a Montreal Roundabout with their eyes closed, heads raised to toward the ceiling. Eventually they all fell asleep around the apartment with smiles on their faces. It turned out to be a good night.
by M. P. Troyka October 24, 2015
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When a man lies on his back during anal and spins the girl round on his cock.
dat gal was dizzy afta ad L gave her a Magic Roundabout
by GSG January 10, 2007
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