when on chatroulette you press next about 10 times to probably try and evade yet another cock, and the same partner's cam keeps coming up .
man,some dude on CR just kept jerking off at me. so I tried to next the fucker but got totally stuck on a roulette roundabout.
by savagehenry April 9, 2010
A group of guys sitting in a circle wanking each other off
Rumbles and scotty invited some guys round for a musselburgh roundabout
by biggestbud87 August 7, 2011
In the world of business, a poo roundabout is when a company hires someone shit, they do shit, then they're hired somewhere else where they do the same shit resulting in a poo roundabout.
He's back? What a poo roundabout
by Businessinsider101 June 15, 2015
When you form a circle of at least 4 people (usually male) abd in the middle anything that can be penetrated (male, female, object) Then you pass the object in the middle around, giving it one thrust per person, until all but one person has came, and that person is named Khan, making everyone else in the circle his/her bitch.
I came 4th in the 5-man Mongolian Roundabout I was so close to being named Khan.
by Jarl (Baller)Gruuf January 26, 2017
When nailing a chick in the ass in Odessa MO and she spins around and starts cleaning your dick with her mouth.
Male 1:you know how dirty Andrea is?
Male 2:no man, how dirty?
Male 1:I didn’t even ask her and she did an Odessa Roundabout with me last night.
Male 2: that’s awesome man, gotta love dirty girls.
by Meeee’s March 11, 2019